Chicken fingers were first made in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Puritan Backroom in 1974. At least they did coin the name chicken tenders. A lot of other restaurants offering the dish in various parts of the country called them chicken strips, chicken fingers, chicken tempura, or chicken goujons. While the Puritan Backroom may have truly been the first folks to call their dish “chicken tenders” it is possible something like them existed years before they came up with the term.

What’s the Difference Between Chicken Strips and Tenders?

Chicken tenders are a specific muscle, located in the breast next to the ribs. Chicken tenders are actually parts of a chicken. They are the little strips of meat that are tenuously attached to the underside of each chicken breast (and thus sometimes called “hanging tenders”), so every chicken has two tenders. It is removed and sold separately. Chicken strips are strips of breast meat, and most of them are pre-cooked in some way so they can be used to make quick and easy meals.

Why Are Chicken Tenders So Good?

They’re a snack that sustains you, delivering the perfect combo of crispy breading, grease, and moisture. Because of their convenience, tenders have become a staple at fast-food chains across the nation, breeding a deep sense of nostalgia. True to its name, the chicken tenderloin is more tender than the neighboring breast meat, provided you don’t overcook it. Because of their slender size, tenderloins cook in half the time as boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They even cook faster than breast meat that’s cut to its same size.

Are Chicken Tenders Healthy?

Fried chicken tenders are an excellent source of selenium, niacin, vitamin B6, and phosphorus, each providing more than 40% of your daily value set by the FDA

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