Yeah, Yeah… we know that our food shouldn’t be this good! We know it’s a bit strange and wonderful that good food is available in our convenience store. But that’s just how it is because we gotcha covered! 

Full Service Deli Open Daily!

  • Quality First – What makes Rt 17’s sandwiches the best deli sandwiches? Fresh ingredients, known brands, great quality, and made-to-order. Everything about a Rt 17’s Deli sandwich is delicious. Every deli item is thoughtfully selected to provide the best combination of flavors and delight a wide array of tastes. At Rt 17’s Deli we choose great quality meats, cheeses and ingredients, providing our customers with a wide selection of their favorite deli items made to order and in our grab and go.
  • Made To Order – Want banana peppers on that Sandwich? How about ketchup on your sandwich ? Even add a cold or hot side to round off your meal. Most of our food offerings are available Built-to-Order. Mix and match tons of delicious ingredients to design your perfect meal, guaranteed to be freshly made and quickly served by our friendly associates.


Some of What You Will Find at Our Deli…

About Route 17 Express

Route 17 Express is a hometown general store and restaurant. We offer Charlie Biggs Chicken, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Deli, Hot n Serve Meals, Marathon Gas, Firewood, Straw, and Much More!

Charlie Biggs Chicken
UHAUL Rental | Hunt Brothers Pizza
Deli | Bait & Tackle | Hot n Serve Meals | Gas | Firewood | Straw