Moving into college can be fun, emotional, and sometimes stressful. The following are some tips on how to make your college smoother….

What Do You Really Need?… Pack That First

Start packing boxes containing things you will absolutely need for your room. Things like your clothing, bedding, and hygiene supplies are the priority here. Also, be realistic with the word “need.” Once you’ve made room for your undeniable necessities, you probably still have items you’d like to take along but don’t need. Make good choices on your wanted items by prioritizing them. When you are out of room in the U-Haul… you’re out of room! You will need to know and do the following…

  • How many boxes and packing supplies you’ll need?
  • How long the packing process will take you with your schedule?
  • Reserve a moving truck or trailer
  • Reserve moving items you may need (dolly, furniture pads, gloves, etc.)
  • Reservice local storage for items that won’t fit in your dorm (if you aren’t leaving them at home)

U-Haul Moving Trucks and Trailers

It may be more your style to haul your own belongings directly to your new location. That’s why you can rent your own moving truck or trailer for your college road trip! Don’t want to do any heavy lifting? Moving help can alleviate your stress by loading everything into your truck or trailer for you. If you’re planning on bringing a vehicle with you, attach a tow dolly or auto transport to your moving truck! This is a great solution if you’re keeping your car at school, or your parents are driving it back home after the trip.

You can Pickup and Drop Off U-Haul Trucks at Rt. 17 Express

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